This traditional style Meucci cue features an antique stained Birdseye Maple forearm and black composite butt with ivory colored king’s crown inlays, six black inlay points with scrimshaw inlays, red, aluminum & white rings, solid black coated Irish linen wrap, and low deflection Black Dot Bullseye shaft.

  • Classic 5/16 x 18 joint for a secure fit
  • Black Dot Bullseye 35-layer laminated Hard Rock Maple low deflection shaft
  • 14-16" professional taper for a smooth stroke
  • 12.75mm leather tip for consistency + polycarbonate ferrule for a soft hit
  • Solid black polyurethane coated Irish linen wrap for a slick feel 

2101 Meucci Pool Cue

    • Cue Type

       Playing Cue
    • Joint Type

       5/16 x 18
    • Cue Tip

       12.75mm Leather Tip
    • Ferrule

    • Shaft

       Hard Rock Maple
    • Joint Collar

    • Cue Wrap

       Polyurethane Coated Irish Linen
    • Wood Type

       Premium Maple
    • Butt Cap

       Black Implex
    • Bumper

       Black Rubber
    • Weight Adjustable

    • Weight Options

       18 oz, 19 oz, 20 oz, 21 oz
  • Father of American cue making Bob Meucci and his team have produced world-renowned cues for over 25 years from right here in the US - all Meucci cues are manufactured in Byhalia, Mississippi in the Meucci Factory & Billiard Hall.

    Meucci cues are built with one priority in mind - giving every player more power with less effort. Meucci cues have a distinct soft hit that gives more consistency with less cue ball deflection - right off the bat.

    Meucci Cue Features

    • Meucci cues have more flex than others for lowered deflection
    • Unique joint and ferrule design provides maximum performance with minimal effort
    • Distinct “soft” hit for less deflection
    • A butt splice design that increases stroke amplification while preventing warpage
    • 35 layer laminated Black Dot Bullseye Shaft with 14.5 - 16" professional taper
    • 5/16 x 18 flat faced joint
    • Irish linen wraps come coated with polyurethane 
    • Weight adjustable
    • Made in the USA