The Cuetec WCT break cue was designed by champion player Shane “The South Dakota Kid” Van Boening to offer a monster break with maximum control. To achieve this goal, the WCT is constructed in three pieces: fore-shaft, shaft back-up, and forearm. The fore-shaft (the top 23” of the shaft) is constructed of hand selected Canadian Maple to ensure straightness and performance. This is bonded to the next portion by a carbon connector rod for increased energy transfer. Follows is the shaft back-up (the next 6” of the cue) constructed of Canadian Maple that has been compressed and bonded with fiberglass for increased strength and power. Last but not least is the cue forearm (the last 16”) made of Hard Rock Maple bonded with black fiberglass for a rock solid butt and an Irish linen wrap for a sweat-free grip.

  • 2 pieces 58” length
  • 13mm Tiger 5-layer hard leather tip with phenolic backing
  • Professional taper
  • Two-section shaft with carbon connector rod
  • Adjustable weight

CT683 Cuetec Break Cue

  • For over 20 years, Cuetec® has brought players - from professionals like Shane Van Boening to recreational users - cues that are on the cutting edge.

    Cuetec® started out as a company obsessed with a single mission - that of preventing warping from moisture damage.

    What makes a Cuetec® so great at locking moisture out? Aside from traditional Cuetec® cue construction (a solid wood core that has been encased in composite fiberglass or graphite), both ends of a Cuetec® cue are sealed with fiber nylon inserts to lock moisture out. This construction feature also has the added effect of transferring energy excellently from the shaft to the rest of the cue, for low vibration and deflection naturally (without using a hollowed core or other additions).


    Cuetec® Cue Features

    • Adjustable Weight
    • 13mm Tiger 5-layer hard leather tip with phenolic backing
    • Professional taper


    • Cue Type

       Break Cue
    • Joint Type

       3/8 x 14
    • Cue Tip

       13mm Tiger 5 Layer Hard Leather Tip with Phenolic Backing
    • Ferrule

    • Shaft

       2 Section with Carbon Connector
    • Joint Collar

       Stainless Steel
    • Cue Wrap

       Double Pressed Linen Wrap
    • Wood Type

    • Butt Cap

       Stainless Steel
    • Bumper

       Black Rubber