Truly one of the most unique shuffleboards in the industry. A beautiful masterpiece that lets you take your shuffleboard skills indoors or outdoors. The Acacia wood construction can handle that stress of being outdoors while looking great enough to be the featured item in any indoor game room. This table has features galore including angled legs for additional stability, the ability to function both indoors and outdoors, 20” wide Acacia wood playfield with a nearly indestructible 1/8” polymer coating, abacus scorers and a fitted weatherproof cover that hangs all the way to the ground. 

Emory Indoor/Ourdoor Shuffleboard

  • Climate Adjusters: Legacy Shuffleboards include climate adjusters to ensure a level and accurate game.

    Accessories: Eight pucks (4 of 2 colors), abacus scorers, table brush, wax, and black fitted weatherproof table cover.

    Pucks: 2 - 5/16" in diameter, 13.1 oz

    Cabinet Dimensions: 150" x 33.75" x 33" @ 308 lbs

    Playfield Dimensions: 132.50" x 20" x 1.75" with 1/8" polymer seal with 3 scoring zones 

    Weight:  lbs.

    Natural Acacia Finish