• One side air hockey, one side billiards with patented rotating and locking technology; plus a slide-on table tennis and football stadium conversion top allowing you to easily move from game to game
  • The Air Hockey accessories include 2 red air hockey pushers and 2 reds pucks while the Billiard accessories include two 48" billiard cues, a full set of billiard balls, 1 triangle, 2 chalks, and a brush
  • The Table Tennis accessories include 2 balls, 2 paddles, a net, and post while the football accessories include 2 field goals and a football
  • 4 Leg levels to adjust the table height for consistent play
  • Includes manual side scorers for friendly competition

Triumph 72" 4-in-1 Rotating Table

    • Table Type

       4-in-1 Rotating Table
    • Dimension

       L:72" W:32" H:32"
    • Table

       Black Finsih, Manually Rotating Table
    • Includes

      2-48" Cues, Triangle, Billiard Ball Set, Chalk, Brush, 2 Red Pushers, 2 Red Pucks, 2 TT Balls, 2 TT Paddles, Net & Post, Football Accessories
    • Brand

    • Features

       Manual Inlaid Scoring, Patented Air Flow System
    • Games

       Billiard, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Table Football