How to Choose the Right Pool Table for You

Choosing your pool table is much more than determining whether your pool table will fit in your room.  

Even if a table fits in your room, you must make sure that there is adequate space for players to move around comfortably.  You also need to consider the length of the cues you will be using.  

Another consideration when choosing your pool table size is whether or not you will be adding a cue rack, game table, or other seating to your area. 

7' Pool Table

This is perfect for those with limited space.  A 7' pool table generally requires a room area of 16 ft. by 13 ft.

8' Pool Table

This is the most popular size for homes. Requiring a bit more space than the 7 ft. at 14 ft. by 17 ft, it provides the best game play. 

9' Pool Table

This is the largest of the 3 requiring at least 15 ft. by 18 ft. but is the most challenging for game play.