CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You are the proud owner of a new pool table!  

Pool tables are a wonderful investment and it is essential to know how to take care of them to ensure they last a lifetime. 

Here are a few tips to keep your pool table in shape:

1.  Use a table cover when the table is not in use to avoid dust build up or fading. 

2.  Clean the surface with a non-corrosive wood polish.

3.  Brush the table with a pool table brush after play to remove chalk and dust.  Use soft strokes from one end to the other. 

4.  Clean leather pockets with a clear leather cleaner. 

5.  Clean billiard balls with a ball cleaner or detergent and water. 

6.  Store cues in a wall or floor rac to prevent warping and do not leave them in extreme heat or cold conditions. 

Additional tips:

  • Do not use your table as a countertop - Avoid placing any items on your table that do not belong there as it causes damage to the felt.

  • AVOID MOVING YOUR POOL TABLE - when your table was installed, it was leveled for it's exact position.  Moving it yourself could cause the table to become unleveled, resulting in another service fee for an installer to come back out and relevel the table. 

  • Avoid lifting the table for the same reasons as above.  It can also cause misalignment of the tables slate. 

  • No drinks on the table - this can cause damage to the wood as well as a high risk of liquid being spilled onto the felt.